Education Minister, Senator Ruel Reid, says schools should reopen today.

He says the local authorities and Regional Directors will be managing the reopening on the ground.

Meanwhile, he says most students were able to sit their examinations yesterday.

However, students from Buff Bay Valley in Portland and a few across the country were unable to.

Senator Reid explains that the procedure for students who have missed their exams is that they would have to report to the school directly.

A report is then sent to the Caribbean Examinations Council, (CXC) and it makes a determination as to what remedy is likely to be offered.

He says there are usually two remedies. He says a supplementary paper can be done, depending on how many students across the island have been affected.

The other remedy would be to use internal grades and forecast grades as the final determination of their scores.

The Minister was speaking at a press briefing held at Jamaica House yesterday to update the nation on the impact of the heavy rains that have been affecting the island since Saturday.