Former Prime Minister and JLP leader, Edward Seaga, says Opposition Leader Andrew Holness should take the Senate letters matter to the UK based Privy Council.

Speaking on Nationwide This Morning, Mr. Seaga says the matter is too important to be allowed to rest on yesterday’s ruling of the Court of Appeal.

Mr. Seaga says he would advise Holness not to give up the fight just yet.

He says that if Arthur Williams and Dr. Christopher Tufton are allowed back in the Senate, the intended structure and function of parliament’s upper house would collapse.

He says the country dare not allow that to happen.

Invoking his authority as the last living member of the committee that drafted the 1962 constitution, Mr. Seaga insists that the framers of the document intentionally gave the Opposition eight Senators and the government 13.

This in order for the government to have to secure the supporting vote of at least one Opposition Senator, to reach the two-thirds threshold needed to effect constitutional amendments.

Mr. Seaga says the system as intended, only works if the opposition votes en bloc.

The former Prime Minister says this concept was never articulated in the Constitution, because it was never considered that it would be challenged.

He says it was a sensible assumption that no one would ever break the team structure.

As such, he says he never personally required Senators to sign undated resignation letters, because he never needed to.

Mr. Seaga says Senators must be team players and not highly individualistic persons.

Opposition leader Andrew Holness has not indicated whether he would take the matter to the Privy Council.

In a statement yesterday, he said the ruling of the Appeal Court brought closure to the issue.