A 23-year-old security guard has been charged with the murder of a woman in Hague, Trelawny, last month.

Aston Mitchell, otherwise called ‘C-Jay’, was charged with the stabbing death of 25-year-old Shanice Burke of Hague in the parish and St. Margaret’s Bay in Portland.

The police report that on Wednesday, October 25, an altercation developed between Burke and Mitchell.

During the altercation, Mitchell stabbed the woman in the neck with a knife.

Mitchell then transported the injured woman to Foreshore Road in the parish, where he allegedly dumped her in the bushes.

Citizens stumbled on her body on Saturday, October 28, and summoned the police.

The police say following an intensive investigation, an operation was carried out on November 11, during which Mitchell was taken into custody.

He was charged on Tuesday, November 14.

He is slated to appear in the Duncan’s Parish Court on Tuesday, November 21.