National Security Minister Robert Montague is calling on People’s National Party, PNP, officials to set an earlier date for a crime meeting he requested with all PNP councillors.

In a statement yesterday, Minister Montague says the PNP indicated to him that a meeting will be held on February 3.

This, he says, is almost a year after an initial request for a meeting was made to the then Chairman of the PNP, Robert Pickersgill. He says he’s respectfully asking the PNP to propose an earlier date.

According to Minister Montague, the PNP’s General Secretary, Julian Robinson, indicated to him yesterday that the party will discuss the matter of an earlier date internally.

Minister Montague says he remains hopeful an earlier date can be found in an effort to collaborate to find solutions to the crime problem. He says a similar meeting was held with Jamaica Labour Party councillors last July.

According to the statement, Minister Montague has been having a series of meetings with stakeholders including the church, private security companies and members of the private sector.

In the meantime, PNP Chairman, Fitz Jackson, says February 3 is the earliest possible date for the meeting requested by the National Security Minister.

Speaking with our news centre yesterday, Mr. Jackson says gathering all PNP councillors for a meeting will not be logistically possible until the date stated by the party.

Mr. Jackson is also the Opposition Spokesman on National Security and the Member of Parliament for South St. Catherine.