The Senate today approved a bill which will pave the way for a 45-day extension of the traffic ticket amnesty.

The extension is to take effect on Monday next week.

Prior to the bill being approved – several Senators, including some from the Government side, expressed concern.

Government Senator Kavan Gayle says he understands the reasons for the extension of the traffic ticket amnesty.

However, he says the amnesty should not be regarded as best practice.

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His fellow Government Senator, Ransford Braham expressed similar concerns.

Senator Braham is calling for an improvement in the accountability system in the transportation sector.

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The initial amnesty which ended on October 31, raked in over half-a-billion dollars to the Government coffers.

It’s estimated that there’s a total of $2.8-billion in uncollected tickets.

Meanwhile, Opposition Senator Damion Crawford is calling for a portion of the proceeds from the traffic ticket amnesty to be invested in catching more lawbreakers.

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For her part, Opposition Senate Leader, Donna Scott Mottley, says she notes the reasons the extension is being granted.

However, she warned that legislators must guard against the pervasive culture of unaccountability in Jamaica.

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