The Senate on Friday observed a minute’s silence in recognition of the passing of the former East Kingston MP and State Minister, the PNP’s, Marjorie Taylor.

Ms. Taylor died on Saturday after an extended period of illness.

Both Opposition and Government Senators today noted Ms Taylor’s contribution as Jamaica’s first Ambassador for Children.

That’s an office which preceded the establishment of the Office of the Children’s Advocate.

The Senators also hailed Ms Taylor for her service as a former Councilor for the Norman Gardens Division in East Kingston.

Opposition Senator, K.D. Knight, described Ms.Taylor as true nation builder who had a gifted personality.

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Senate President Tom Tavares Finson echoed Senator Knight’s remarks. He said Marjorie Taylor stayed true to her political convictions but was not a tribalist.

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Ms. Taylor was also a former Senator. She succeeded former Prime Minister, Michael Manley, as Member of Parliament for Eastern Kingston and Port Royal.