The Opposition Caucus of the Senate broke with a statement issued by the Joint women of the Lower House condemning gender based violence, as not going far enough.

Government Senator, Natalie Campbell-Rodriguez, noted that the PNP caucus did not join in the statement previously delivered by House Speaker Marissa Dalrymple Philibert.

The statement by the House Speaker was issued after Central Westmoreland MP, George Wright was alleged to be the person in a viral video seen physically assaulting a woman.

The police have since closed the case noting the inability to positively identify the man in the video and no statement from the alleged victim.

Mr. Wright, who’s since been withdrawn from the JLP Parliamentary caucus and sent on leave of absence from the House, to date has not confirmed or denied whether he was the one in the video.

However, Deputy Leader of Opposition Business in the Upper House, Donna Scott-Motley explained why their members did not support the statement, noting it did not go far enough.

She goes on to say the statement is empty and seeks to avoid specifically condemning the alleged actions of the MP.

She says if there’s no connection between the actions taken by the JLP against him then why the refusal to condemn the MP specifically.

Donna Scott Mottley, Deputy Leader of Opposition Business.

She was speaking in the Upper House this afternoon.