Senate President Tom Tavares Finson this afternoon chided the Opposition PNP for what he described as being disingenuous and bringing the Parliament into disrepute.

Tavares Finson criticised the PNP for posting a video compilation to social media, which suggested that Parliamentary staffers had failed in their duty last week, to ensure Senator Floyd Morris was facilitated with adequate access to documents prior to debate on a crucial amendment to the Road Traffic Act.

Senator Morris is visually impaired.

As the Government moved last week to correct an error made in 2006 and ensure that fixed penalties under the act were urgently legitimised, Senator Morris and Opposition Senate Leader Peter Bunting sought to delay senate proceedings and argued that Morris was not given enough time to review the bill.

Wayne Walker reports.

The video which was posted to the PNP’s Instagram page is entitled ‘Parliament Disabling People With Disabilities’ and contained excerpts of last week’s sitting’.

Senators Morris and Bunting were featured in the video alleging that Morris was not facilitated by Parliament in properly reviewing the proposed amendment to the Road Traffic Act.

Senator Tavares Finson this afternoon upbraided the PNP for the posting.

The Senate President defended the Parliamentary staff.

Opposition Senate Leader Bunting responded to the Senate President.

However Senator Tavares Finson told Mr. Bunting it’s unfortunate that the Opposition PNP was not decent enough to apologise to staffers at Gordon House whose work it had disparaged.