A budget for the working class.

That’s the assessment from Government Senator, Kavan Gayle of the estimates of expenditure for the upcoming fiscal year.

He was making his contribution to the appropriations bill in the Senate on Wednesday.

Chevon Campbell tells us more.

According to Senator Gayle, the priorities outlined in the Estimates of Expenditure for the upcoming fiscal year are proof that the Holness administration is a caring government.

Senator Gayle lauded the Holness administration for not only increasing the minimum wage to $15,000 per 40 hour work week, but for raising the income tax threshold to $1.7 million.

He also hailed the pending implementation of an unemployment insurance scheme for public sector workers.

The Government Senator is also urging those young people who are currently outside the labour force to take advantage of the Community Action for Rewarding Engagement or CARE initiative.

Under CARE, thousands of youngsters enrolled at HEART NSTA Trust will be given 67-thousand dollars monthly to support their efforts to gain a skill.