Senators today lauded a woman who came to national attention recently when it was revealed that despite facing trying personal circumstances, she handed over to authorities millions of dollars she stumbled upon in an ATM in Kingston.

The young woman, Akaisha Green and her mother, Yvonne Jones, attended Parliament today following an invite from Senate President, Tom Tavares Finson.

Senator Tavares Finson addressed the criticism Miss Jones faced after reports surfaced that she initially called her daughter stupid for returning the cash.

Government Senate Leader, Kamina Johnson Smith, praised Miss Green for stimulating an important national conversation.

Kamina Johnson Smith, Leader of Government Business in the Senate.

In the meantime, Opposition Senate Leader, Donna Scott Mottley, also commended Miss Green for not yielding to the temptation of stealing the money despite her trying financial circumstances.

Donna Scott Mottley, Leader of Opposition Business in the Senate.

Miss Green was given $1.2-million dollars yesterday by corporate giants, J-Wray and Nephew.

$1-million of that sum is to go directly to her education at the HEART Trust.