The sentencing of three members of the Constabulary who were before the Supreme Court in relation to the 2012 shooting of a schoolgirl, Vanessa Kirkland, has been pushed back again.

The sentencing of Constables Andrewain Smith, Durvin Hayles and Anna-Kaye Bailey was expected to be concluded today in the Home Circuit Court following a previous adjournment on April 5.

However, the defence attorneys in the matter told Presiding Judge, Justice Carol Lawrence-Beswick, that there were certain written submissions they intended to make that could benefit their clients.

Attorney Peter Champagnie is representing Smith, Nadine Guy is representing Hayles and Oswest Senior Smith is representing Bailey.

Stevian Simmonds reports.

Based on the application made by the three attorneys, Justice Lawrence-Beswick advised that their submissions would examine the social enquiry reports and could assist the Constables before sentencing is determined.

Meanwhile, the antecedents of the three Constables were read into the record this afternoon.

Smith who is 34 years old has given 15 years of service to the Constabulary.

He has been described as a Christian with no previous convictions.

Hayles who joined the JCF at age 25 has given 8 years of service to the JCF.

His social enquiry report said he expressed being remorseful about the incident.

Twenty seven year old Bailey has been in the Constabulary since 2010 and was attached to the Mobile Reserve.

The Constable was described as a born again Christian with no previous convictions.

In her social enquiry report , the Probation Officer said community members described her as an exemplary example to young women.

The three Constables are now expected to be sentenced next Wednesday May 22 at 2:15 pm in the Home Circuit Court.

During the trial, the Prosecution led evidence that on March 20, 2012, at around 9:30 p.m., Constables Andrewain Smith, Durvin Hayles, and Anna-Kay Bailey drove on to Norman Lane in St Andrew, where they opened fire on a blue Suzuki Swift motor car.

The shooting reportedly happened after the police instructed the driver of the car to stop.

A chase reportedly ensued where the implicated police personnel fired opened fire on the car hitting Vanessa Kirkland.

They were subsequently charged for murder.

However, before her summation in the trial, Justice Lawrence-Beswick told the seven-member jury they had the option of considering the lesser charge of manslaughter.

The jury did eventually return not guilty verdicts of murder for the members of the Constabulary.

But the three Constables were however slapped with the lesser charge of manslaughter.