Seven of 30 police officers who had filed a lawsuit against Police Commissioner, Dr. Carl Williams, for failing to promote them to the rank of Inspector have withdrawn their names from the suit.

In a statement this afternoon, the seven officers publicly apologized to Commissioner Williams and the Constabulary for any embarrassment caused.

The remaining 23 members of the Constabulary whose names initially appeared on the lawsuit are proceeding with the Court action.

The case is set for trial in November.

The officers who filed the lawsuit are part of the JCF’s High Potential Detective Training 18-month programme, which began in February 2013.

Successful participants were informed they would be promoted to the rank of Inspector after completing the programme.

However just prior to their graduation, they received news that the programme was being extended for another six months due to the assessment being flawed.

Earlier this year the officers filed an application for judicial review and asked the court to declare that their rights have been breached.

They asked the Court to instruct the Police Commissioner to promote them to the rank of Inspector, and award damages for allowances and benefits that would have been due since September 2014.

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