Absolutely wrong and Inflammatory.

Several nurses are dismissing a Jamaica Gleaner report that they found a comment by Prime Minister Andrew Holness, that there’ll be no predetermined priority list for COVID-19 treatment offensive.

Speaking with Nationwide News on the condition of anonymity, a nurse says the eye-catching headline actually trivializes their true concerns.

The nurses who’ve been facing the brunt of Jamaica’s struggle with the dreaded COVID-19 virus say they’re actually concerned about the deteriorating work conditions, poor remuneration, and what they feel is a general sense of under-appreciation.

This they say led to atleast 30 per cent of their membership breaking ranks with the Nurse’s Association of Jamaica and stay off the job on Wednesday.

Another nurse says that the comment at first made her uneasy but on reflection she realized the Prime Minister was right.

Meanwhile, another nurse argues that standard triage rules would have to apply.

That’s one of many nurses speaking with Nationwide News last evening.