Members of the Joint Select Committee on the Sexual Harassment Bill, have debated over whether to include company board members in those defined as perpetrators or victims of the offences under the legislation.

Committee Member, Government Senator Kamina Johnson Smith says under the legislation, companies are defined as employers and are required to create a safe environment for employees. But, she says this may not necessarily cover contracted persons such as a company’s board members.

Kamina Johnson, Government Senator.

In the meantime, Committee Member Kerensia Morrison, says the legislation will not be able to currently cover all scenarios. She says that is why continuous updates are necessary.

Kerensia Morrison, Member of Parliament for North East St Catherine.

But, Government Senator Dr. Saphire Longmore says the legislation in its present state may already cover board members.

Dr Saphire Longmore, Government Senator. They were speaking during a Virtual sitting of Parliament’s Joint Select Committee on the Sexual Harassment Bill yesterday.