The political campaign in the South East St. Mary by-election has taken a dramatic new turn with questions about the citizenship of People’s National Party candidate, Dr. Shane Alexis.

Dr. Alexis revealed on Nationwide 90FM this morning that he’s a Canadian citizen.

The governing Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) is now charging that he’s also not a Jamaican citizen nor is he, even the holder of a Jamaican passport.

It’s lambasting the Opposition PNP, saying it’s ‘morally bankrupt’ in choosing to run Dr. Alexis as a candidate in the keenly-contested by-election.

The political campaign in South East St. Mary seems to get hotter each day. Today, there’re questions of morality being raised by the JLP over the candidacy of Dr. Shane Alexis.

The governing party used a press conference this afternoon at Gordon House to pounce on the revelation that Dr. Alexis is not a Jamaican.

Their chief spokesperson on the issue, Daryl Vaz. A man who’s had to deal with dual citizenship issues, in the past, to be able to sit in the Parliament.

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Mr. Vaz says it must be clear that he’s not a raising an issue of ‘legality’. Noting that the Jamaican constitution allows Commonwealth citizens to sit in Parliament.

He says, for him, it’s a matter of ‘morality’.

He’s questioning why Dr. Alexis hasn’t taken steps to become a naturalized Jamaican.

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He says Dr. Alexis is ‘not precluded’ from the process of becoming a naturalized Jamaican. But he doesn’t believe he was inclined to do so.

Still, the main target of his attack today is the People’s National Party. He says the issues he’s raising aren’t so much about Dr. Alexis. But the PNP, which he says has shown it’s ‘morally bankrupt’.

Mr. Vaz says the PNP and its leader, Dr. Peter Phillips, will have to answer to Jamaicans, charging that the party has lost its ‘moral authority’.

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