Finance Minister, Audley Shaw, has rebuffed criticisms from his Opposition counterpart, Mark Golding, regarding the contraction in the economy in the April to June quarter.

The Finance Minister is insisting the country is ‘on the verge of a wonderful time’.

Last week word emerged that contrary to initial reports, the economy contracted in the first quarter of the 2017/2018 financial year.

The Opposition Spokesman on Finance, Senator Mark Golding, issued a statement last Friday expressing concern that the positive trend of growth had been broken.

He said this was despite the setting up of the Ministry of Economic Growth and fanfare about achieving five percent growth in four years. But speaking at a JLP meeting in Gibbs Hill, St Mary on Saturday, Mr. Shaw said the Shadow Minister was dishonest in his criticism.

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Mr. Shaw noted that only the agriculture and mining sectors didn’t grow in the June quarter. He says those sectors will rebound. Minister Shaw told JLP supporters better days are ahead.

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