Attorneys representing Shawn ‘Shawn Storm’ Campbell are attempting to argue their client will be unable to get a fair re-trial.

The attorneys have tendered an affidavit on Campbell’s behalf which points to coverage of video blogger, Sir P, of the popular Politricks Watch YouTube channel. The affidavit makes the argument that bloggers with no journalistic training have coloured public perception of the matter.

The matter came up in the re-trial hearing in the Court of Appeal this morning.

Campbell’s sister’s affidavit says Jamaica’s jury system cannot possibly empanel an impartial jury. His family says they also don’t have the money to facilitate another trial in what’s described as an unjust system.

Acting Director of Public Prosecutions, Claudette Thompson, says those are arguments and pleadings and should not be allowed in the affidavits.

However, the court did not accept acting DPP’s objections. Justice McDonald Bishop allowed the arguments to stand in the affidavits as they are.

The judges say they reserve the right to revisit any preliminary ruling on the DPP’s objections.

The hearing is continuing at this hour.