Delegates in Lisa Hanna’s South East St. Ann constituency want her to vacate the seat immediately.

That’s according to a former delegate of the Moneague division in the constituency, Lennox Anglin.

Hanna announced her shock departure from representational politics in a statement late last evening.

She intends to stay on as MP through to the end of the current parliamentary term.

But Anglin says Hanna should walk away now.

Mr. Anglin says the people of South East St. Ann are rejoicing at the news of Hanna’s pending departure from the seat.

The former delegate says since narrowly losing the September 2020 General Election, Hanna’s presence has not been felt in the constituency.

Lennox Anglin, former delegate in South East St. Ann.

He was speaking on Nationwide This Morning with Ricardo Brooks and Tauna Thomas.

Meanwhile, the former delegate has dismissed arguments that Miss Hanna may be able to make a comeback to the political arena.

Some political observers have compared Hanna’s exit to PJ Patterson now famous comment “I shall return.”

He says Hanna is no Patterson.

Lennox Anglin.

And, following the announcement of her resignation from representational politics, South Eastern, Opposition Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Lisa Hanna, says she will use other avenues to serve her country.

This morning, Ms. Hanna posted a one-minute video to her social media platforms on possible future prospects.

Ms. Hanna says she would venture into areas of trade and humanitarianism, particularly in rural Jamaica.

Lisa Hanna, Opposition Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade.

Story By: Abigail Bartley and Ricardo Brooks