A member of the Jamaica Defence Force today told the West Kingston Commission of Enquiry that the Police murdered five unarmed civilians in cold blood in Tivoli Gardens, during the May 2010 operation to capture Christopher Coke.

The evidence is the most explosive and damning heard since the enquiry began on December 1 last year.

According to the soldier, he was a member of an assault team that entered the Java area of Tivoli Gardens to conduct house to house searches, where Dudus was reportedly hiding.

The soldier says police personnel, dressed in blue denim, later arrived in the area in an armored vehicle.

He told the Enquiry, that when the police arrived in Java, one declared, “you know how long I want to come ya suh.”

The soldier says the policemen left the area and returned 45 minutes later.

According to the Soldier, one Policeman took his high powered rifle and fired into a caged area where a number of women and men were detained.

The Soldier told the senior counsel to the Commission, Garth McBean, that shots from the Policeman’s gun ripped into the head of a young man.

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The soldier told the Enquiry that at the time he was shot, the man was seated.

He says the man’s hands were cuffed behind his back.

The soldier’s voice was heavily disguised to protect his identity.

He further told the Enquiry that one of the detainees protested at the killing of the young man.

According to the Soldier, another policeman responded by shooting the complainer in his head.

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The soldier also told the Enquiry, that another policeman took a male, who appeared to be a teenager, out of the cage and led him to a house.

The soldier said he heard what sounded like gunshots, before the Policeman returned alone .

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The soldier also told the Enquiry, that he saw the Police take two more unarmed young men to the back of a house and shots were fired.

According to the soldier he went to the back of the house and saw the young men on the ground in a pool of blood.

The Soldier says he heard the Police laughing at what he believes to be their murderous act.

For years residents of Tivoli Gardens have accused the security forces of murder.

But never before at a Commission of Enquiry in Jamaica have members of the security forces testified to witnessing their colleagues in law enforcement, killing civilians in cold blood.

This afternoon the soldier said – “yes” – when attorney for the Public Defender’s Office, Queen’s Counsel Lord Anthony Gifford asked if he was sure about his testimony.

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Meanwhile, the soldier declared – ‘I know what I’m saying is true ma’am’- when the attorney representing the Police, Valerie Neita Robertson, sought to discredit his testimony.

Mrs. Neita-Robertson suggested to the soldier, that the police did not kill unarmed civilians.

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