The Opposition Spokesman on the Environment, Daryl Vaz, says the lifting of the Cessation Order on sand removal from Negril, Westmoreland by the Karisma Hotel Group, highlights the dysfunction in the Simpson Miller administration.

Minister Pickersgill had signed the order on January 15, in light of reports that Karisma had been removing sand from its hotel construction site in Negril, for use at another development in Llandovery, St. Ann.

But having satisfied himself and Cabinet, that Karisma did possess the requisite government permits to allow the activity, Minister Pickersgill backtracked last evening.

According to Mr. Vaz, it’s clear to him that the government is confused about what it’s doing.

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Mr. Vaz says the Environment Minister is moving in the right direction by issuing instructions for the drafting of a policy to guide sand mining.

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