Governor-General Sir Patrick Allen, is calling on local businesses to act as mentors for young graduates and assist them to create job opportunities for themselves.

He argued that with traditional sources for job creation “running dry,” and more young people graduating with no job prospects, they have to contemplate new possibilities.

The Governor-General was speaking at the recent opening of the FosRich Lifestyle store in Mandeville, Manchester, on Thursday.

He said the budding entrepreneurs need mentors who will be willing to share their expertise and experience in an effort to encourage the growth of the country’s business sector.

He said we cannot afford to lose the majority of our best trained to overseas companies.

He praised the proprietors of the FosRich Group of Companies, Cecil and Marion Foster, for believing enough in Jamaica to “massively re-invest their profits in their company” when they opened their headquarters in 2009 in the midst of the global economic recession.

The Governor-General further lauded the Fosters for exercising good corporate social responsibility through investment in the lives of people and providing support for programmes to improve the quality of life for the most vulnerable in the nation, helping them to become more productive citizens.