Hykel Nunes reports

The Small Business Association of Jamaica, SBAJ, is urging the public not to lose confidence in the E-commerce National Delivery System, ENDS.

SBAJ President, Michael Lecky responded to online criticisms suggesting that the ENDS programme does not facilitate small businesses.

He says it’s an unfair assessment of the pilot programme and, Mr. Lecky says the weekend lockdowns could slow down the recovery of small businesses.

While Minister without Portfolio in the Ministry of National Security, Matthew Samuda gave the roll out of the the E-commerce National Delivery System, ENDS a passing grade , there are those who are less convinced.

Several persons took to social media to comment on the listing of entities who were registered for the program.

Small businesses, vendors and restaurants criticized the government for excluding them from the list.

However, Mr. Lecky disagrees. He Lecky says though this past weekend served as only a pilot for the new project, they are seeing where the consecutive weekend lockdowns could adversely affect the recovery of small businesses.

The SBAJ President says several small businesses are already having challenges getting on to the system.

Mr. Lecky is urging his members to take advantage of the benefits the new ENDS project brings.