The Jamaican Urban Transit Company, JUTC says it has uncovered gross financial irregularities at the state owned entity.

The irregularities involve the use of Smarter Cards by bus drivers.

The Chairman of the JUTC, Garnett Roper says preliminary investigations have revealed that bus drivers have been exploiting recent sales promotions of the Smarter Cards, to enrich themselves at the company’s expense.

He explains how the act is carried out.

Nationwide News understands that the drivers use their Smarter cards to process the ticket for those adult passenger, from whom they collect cash on the buses.

The scheme only works with those passengers who pay their fares using cash.

Recall that under the recent bonus promotion, the Smarter cards would have the amount that the driver pays for his top up, plus the bonus added by the JUTC.

The drivers would use the card bought by themselves or members of their family and swipe from the bonus amount on the card, each time they collect hard cash from a passenger.

Given that the cash paying passenger gets a ticket on the bus, no argument is raised with the driver.

The driver then repeats the process with all cash paying passengers until he has exhausted the bonus portion on the Smarter Cards in his possession.

Mr. Roper says the activity was discovered after a special report was ordered, due to several discrepancies.

Mr. Roper says seven drivers have already been suspended, with action to be taken against several more.

He’s warning all JUTC employees that if they steal, they will be caught.

The JUTC this morning met with the bus drivers implicated in the activity, along with their unions, to discuss related matters.