A serious water situation has threatened the closure of at least one school today, as thousands of students across the country headed back to the classroom this morning.

The Ministry of Education says Carron Hall High in St. Mary was seriously affected, while Exchange All Age in St. Ann also has no water.

However, officials say the National Water Commission, NWC, is making arrangements to truck water to both schools this afternoon.

Education Minister Ronald Thwaites says the lack of water was set to affect approximately 300 primary schools across the island today, the official start of the new school year.

Speaking on Nationwide This Morning, Education Minister, Ronald Thwaites said the number of schools requesting water had increased.

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Meanwhile, the Minister of Education is a reporting a smooth opening at most of the country’s nearly 1000 public schools today.

One of the few reported events is a protest at Penwood High in St. Andrew.

The gates at the school were padlocked this morning, reportedly in protest over the employment of ancillary staff from outside the community.

The Police were called in to break the padlock.

And Education Minister Ronald Thwaites is defending his Ministry’s preparation for the new school year.

This despite new classrooms not being ready at some institutions.

At the newly-merged Charlie Smith and Trenchtown High, the Minister says students are using labs and workshops as classrooms until their new building is ready.

He says a building at the Roger Clarke High School is expected to ready by the end of the month, while the BB Coke High School should be ready by October 15.

Minister Thwaites says the delays are regrettable.

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There’ve also been concerns about several schools where new principals have not yet been appointed.

The Education Minister says competent acting principals are in place in the interim.

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