A Jamaica Defence Force, JDF, soldier who was charged with the shooting death of a woman has been offered bail.

Theophilous Tracey was charged with the shooting death of 31-year-old Oshine Lawrence.

He was offered bail following an application made on his behalf by attorney, Peter Champagnie, in the Corporate Area Criminal Court.

Allegations are that on February 26 this year, the lifeless body of Lawrence was discovered in a motor car belonging to Tracey.

Following further investigations later that morning, Tracey was found at his quarters at Up Park Camp.

Tracey’s licensed firearm was requested. But he failed to produce it.

When interviewed by the police, Tracey claimed that he was the victim of a robbery which included an attack upon him by the deceased and four men.

He claimed that he had discharged his firearm in an attempt to defend himself.

During the incident, it was said that one of the men overpowered him and took away the firearm forcing him to flee the scene.

Tracey was offered bail in the sum of six hundred thousand dollars with strict conditions.

They include Tracey surrendering his travel documents and being placed on curfew.

He is set the return to Court on July 28.