Nationwide News understands that some call centres aren’t taking the necessary precautions to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

An employee of a well-known call centre in St Andrew is alleging that it’s business as usual at his place of employment.

The complainant asked not to be recorded out of fear of losing his job.

The employee says no additional measures have been implemented to ensure sanitization of staff or the office space.

The employee says social distancing is also not being practiced at the call centre, which houses scores of employees.

In response, President of the Business Process Industry Association of Jamaica, BPIAJ, Gloria Henry, admitted that the association has received a number of reports.

But, she says the BPIAJ has been reaching out to the call centres to rectify the issue.

Ms Henry says there are established protocols to guide the sector in light of COVID-19.

She also says adherence to these guidelines is being monitored by Health Ministry representatives who visit the call centres.

Gloria Henry, President of the Business Process Industry Association of Jamaica.

She was speaking yesterday with Nationwide.