A shortage of medical oxygen is affecting some public health facilities in Jamaica.

The shortage has arisen as the main supplier in Jamaica of medical oxygen, IGL, will reportedly be unable to provide hospitals with significant additional supplies until early next week.

New supplies of medical oxygen are reportedly being projected to arrive on Monday or Tuesday next week.

It’s understood that medical practitioners in Jamaica have been advised by authorities to manage carefully the medical oxygen which is currently available at hospitals.

Sources say the shortage of medical oxygen has arisen as some overseas suppliers in countries that are battling Covid-19 have not been able to make available the usual supply.

The shortage of medical oxygen has come at a time when the public healthcare system in Jamaica is facing a major surge in Covid-19 cases.

The latest figures from the Ministry of Health indicate that 835 new cases of Covid-19 have been recorded.

An additional 18 people have died from complications associated with the virus.

The latest update from the Health Ministry also disclosed that Jamaica had registered a record positivity rate of 50.7 percent.