Nationwide News understands that at least 14 Members of Parliament have not received their monthly salaries that was due to today.


The MPs have been given a letter by the Clerk to the Houses of Parliament, explaining the reason for the delay.


According to the two-sentence letter, a copy of which was leaked to Nationwide News, salary payments for June 2014 may be delayed due to a breakdown in the accounting system.


It says: “We are in touch with the system administrators at the Ministry of Finance and e-Gov who have given us their assurance that they are doing their best to resolve the issue.


The letter concludes: Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this delay may cause.”


Nationwide News understands that some of the MPs who’ve not received their salaries are angry, with two MPs telling our news centre they would have appreciated earlier notification.


It’s also understood that there was an appeal to outspoken Opposition MP, Everald Warmington, NOT to raise the matter on the floor of the House today to cause any embarrassment to the government.


Mr. Warmington has, in recent times, raised the issue of late payment of MPs’ salaries in the Parliament.


It’s further understood that some staff at the Houses of Parliament have not received their salaries and are restive because of the delay.


Some have reportedly threatened to take action if they are not paid in the next few days.