The Ministry of Health and Wellness has announced that some Jamaicans are to be given new vaccination cards.

The new cards will be given to those Jamaicans whose cards currently bear the name of vaccine manufacturer, SII, instead of the name of a specific vaccine.

The ministry says persons with the error should visit a permanent vaccination site to receive an updated card.

SII stands for Serum Institute of India.

The AstraZeneca vaccine, which the majority of persons vaccinated in Jamaica have so far received, is manufactured at the Institute.

Several Jamaicans have been facing difficulty travelling because their vaccination cards do not bear the name of a specific vaccine.

The health ministry says the change has become necessary as it seeks to ensure that the vaccination cards contain the complete manufacturer’s information, so as to minimise difficulties when travelling.

Countries such as the United States currently require visitors to be fully vaccinated before boarding flights bound for that country.

The government is set to roll out digital vaccination cards in the coming months.