Some school administrators are raising concerns about the Sixth Form Pathways Programme, set to come into force next academic year.

The programme will see provisions being made for every student aged 16 to 18 years, having completed Grade 11 , to access an additional two years of placement in the education system.

Under the programme framework, the ministry says there will be a $17,000 grant for each student who enrolls in the compulsory sixth form programme in high schools.

She says students who access the programme at public tertiary institutions will benefit from a government grant of $80,000.

Alfred Thomas is Principal of Brown’s Town High School in St. Ann.

He says he’s pleased the education ministry has announced it will work out the details for the unattached youth programme.

Alfred Thomas, Principal of the Brown’s Town High School.

In the meantime, Principal of the Ardenne High School, Nadine Molloy, says stakeholders are confused about the necessity of the programme.

Nadine Molloy, Principal of the Ardenne High School.

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