Some South East St. Catherine supporters of Deputy Mayor, Alric Campbell, say the party’s chances of winning the constituency at the next election are slim to none if he’s not the standard bearer.

The placard-bearing protesters showed up in their numbers at the Party’s headquarters on Monday.

PNP supporters in South East St. Catherine remain angered by Party President Mark Golding’s move to anoint Dr. Alfred Dawes as the PNP’s candidate in the constituency.

One member of the group, Corey Patrick, says Dr. Dawes cannot be parachuted in without the delegates voting.

The PNP executive used a favourability poll matching both aspirants against the JLP incumbent as the basis for Dr. Dawes’ selection.

However, Mr. Patrick in rejecting that methodology says choosing Dr. Dawes puts the constituency workers in an uphill struggle.

Many of the supporters were singularly upset with Party President, Mark Golding.

The placards singled out Mr. Golding for particular scorn, one noting that “Backra Massa days over”, channelling a nickname for the PNP President popularized by Finance Minister Dr. Nigel Clarke.

Another accused Mr. Golding of turning the party into a classist organization.

The supporters say they’d be willing to welcome Dr. Dawes with open arms if he subjects himself to a delegate’s vote.

However, they also called into question his recent utterances as proof positive of his lack of suitability.