People’s National Party, PNP, Caretaker for South East St Elizabeth, Dr Dwaine Spencer, is insisting there’s no conflict of interest in his work with bauxite alumina company JISCO/Alpart.

However, he’s contending that if it’s the general view that his position presents a conflict of interest he may be willing to cut ties with the company.

Dr Spencer is one of four medical doctors contracted to JISCO to provide medical services to residents affected by the company’s pollution.

And while he says none of the residents has called for his separation from the company, at least one resident says he intends to.

Neika Lewis reports.

Dr Dwaine Spencer wants to represent the people of South East St Elizabeth in parliament.

He’s also one of four medical doctors working with the bauxite alumina company, JISCO, to deal with pollution affecting communities in the constituencies.

At least one resident of upper Warminster in the constituency, Lloyd Rogers says Dr Spencer’s role at JISCO is a conflict of interest.

But Dr. Spencer disagrees.

Nationwide News understands the Opposition spokesman on Energy, Phillip Paulwell, met with affected stakeholders last week in Nain, St Elizabeth to discuss ways of resolving the issues.

It’s understood the issue of Dr. Spencer’s role with JISCO was raised.

Dr Spencer says no one has asked him to cut ties with JISCO/Alpart.

However, he says he’d consider cutting ties with JISCO.