The St. Andrew South Police Division is reporting success since the start of the year, following the capture of two wanted men, the arrest of seven other suspected criminals and the seizure of several firearms.

Since the start of the year, the police have seized nine guns and several rounds of ammunition.

In a statement to the media, the Police say the two wanted men apprehended are Huntley Richards and Christopher Evans, otherwise called ‘Voodo’.

Richards, otherwise called ‘Roy or Puppy Jaw’, was arrested in St. Ann on Friday, January 19. Richards is wanted for the murder of Wayne Anthony Gardner.

The Police say Gardner was killed in May 2010.
The other wanted man, Christopher Evans was arrested by members of the St. Andrew South Proactive Investigation Unit in St.Catherine on Saturday, January 20. He’s wanted for the murder of Sebert Johnson, committed in September 2016.

Meanwhile, several others have been arrested in connection with firearm seizures between January 2 and 26. Nine firearms and several rounds of ammunition have been seized.

In the latest incident on Friday, an 18-year-old man was arrested in connection with the seizure of a Clutch Back point-45 pistol and six point-45 cartridges on White Wing Avenue in the Division.

Last week Thursday, the police seized a Hewan 9-millimetre semi-automatic pistol, with a magazine containing two 9-millimetre rounds of ammunition.

The weapon was retrieved following a shootout between the police and a gunman who was fatally shot on Payne Avenue in Kingston 11.

He’s 33-year-old Richard Bowla, otherwise called ‘Rambo’, of Tavares Gardens, Kingston 11.

A Smith and Wesson with eleven rounds of ammunition was seized on Wednesday on Olympic Way in Kingston 11 by the Hunts Bay Police.

At the start of last week, a man was taken into custody about 10:20 Monday night in connection with the seizure of another Smith and Wesson 9-millimetre pistol containing five 9-millimetre rounds of ammunition on Fitzgerald Avenue, Kingston 13.

On Saturday, January 20, another man was arrested.

The JCF says quick action by the Olympic Gardens Police led to the seizure of a Browning 9-millimetre pistol, with a magazine containing two rounds of ammunition.

The Police say the apprehension of the suspected criminal followed a shooting death on Henderson Avenue, Kingston 11 about 7:45 in the evening.

Over a two day period between January 2 and 4, the police seized four additional firearms and arrested three men.

On Thursday, January 4, the Hunts Bay Police apprehended one man and seized a 9-millimetre pistol with three rounds of ammunition at a party on West Avenue, Kingston 13.

That same day, a Police team in Duhaney Park arrested two men on Plantation Road in St Andrew in connection with the seizure of two guns.

A Beretta 9-millimetre pistol with two rounds of ammunition and a 9-millimetre Ruger pistol with ten rounds were seized.

And on Tuesday, January 2, a Glock 9-millimetre pistol along with seventeen 9-millimetre rounds of ammunition were seized.

The gun was seized following a shootout with the police on Cresent Road, Kingston 11.

Thirty-nine-year-old Brandon Campbell of Cedar Grove Estate, St. Catherine was fatally shot during the confrontation with the Police.

The St. Andrew South Police Division is being commended by the Police High Command for their efforts to rid the nation of illegal guns and arresting those who breach the law.

Head of the Police Division, Senior Superintendent Carl Ferguson says the men and women who work with him have exuded great professionalism and continue to be passionate about their job.