Chief Justice Bryan Sykes says the parish courts in St Andrew, St Ann and Westmoreland have significantly reduced their backlog in cases.

He says this was accomplished without any increase in resources or the number of judges.

Westmoreland, which he says has one of the heaviest caseloads in the island, now has a case clearance rate of 87 per cent.

This means that the parish is disposing of approximately 87 cases of every 100 cases filed, despite limited resources.

The corporate area has a case clearance rate of 76 per cent.

Meanwhile, in St Ann, the Chief Justice says the backlog has been reduced by over 25 per cent.

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Chief Justice Sykes was delivering the opening remarks at a Case Flow Management Seminar on Saturday.

The seminar was facilitated by the National Centre for State Courts in the USA in collaboration with the Judicial Education Institute of Jamaica.

Meanwhile, Chief Justice Sykes says the justice system must become more efficient.

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He says the justice system must follow the example of other government agencies, such as the Registrar General’s Department and the passport office, which have improved their performance significantly.

The Chief Justice says this generation of judges must be challenged to improve the legal system.

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