The St. Ann Municipal Corporation says it’s received four million dollars from the government to alleviate worsening drought conditions in the parish.

That’s according to the Chairman Sydney Stewart.

He says more funding is expected from the Ministry of Local Government.

At a recent meeting, the Chairman says water would be trucked to South West St Ann, represented by the JLP’s Zavia Mayne and South East St. Ann represented by the PNP’s Lisa Hanna.

He says the delivery schedule is being assisted by both MPs.

Sydney Stewart, Chairman of the St. Ann Municipal Corporation.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the St. Mary Municipal Corporation, Richard Creary says there’s been a decline in the number of calls from residents requesting that water be trucked to their communities since the rains began last week.

Richard Creary, Chairman of the St. Mary Municipal Corporation.

St. Mary was listed as one of several parishes facing severe drought conditions.

The parish was also recently placed under a flash flood watch as the island experienced heavy rains.