The St Ann police are set to use new initiatives to tackle domestic violence.

The issue led to an increase of over 20 per cent in murders in the parish last year.

Head of the St Ann Police, Senior Superintendent Dwight Powell, told the monthly meeting of the St. Ann Municipal Corporation, SAMC, Thursday that there were 67 murders last year, or 12 more than the 55 recorded in 2021.

He said the concern he had was with the fact that a third of the murders came out of domestic issues.

SSP Powell said gang murders numbered 14 and were confined to some hot spots.

He said the police had already responded to the challenge of an increase in robberies and would be using other measures including greater community interaction to reduce domestic murders.

He also said the outlook for crime management in 2023 in the parish was good.

SSP Dwight Powell, Head of the St Ann Police.