by Suzell Wray

A government-funded public school – Angel’s Primary – has defied the Education’s Ministry’s no-face-to-face policy by hosting in-person exams for its Grade 2 students today.

Checks conducted by Nationwide’s Research and Special Investigations Unit also revealed that the school’s principal, Nero Christian, turned away students who came to sit the placement tests wearing sandals.

Nationwide has brought the matter to the attention of the Education Ministry.

It’s officials are now conducting checks into the controversial matter.

Suzell Wray tells us more in this report.

When our news centre visited the St Catherine-based Angel’s Primary School this afternoon, several parents were seen waiting at the institution’s gate for their children who were completing the face-to-face placement test for Grade 2 students.

When quizzed about the school being in breach of the Education Ministry’s no face-to-face policy spawned by the prevailing Covid-19 pandemic, Principal of Angel’s Primary, Nero Christian, said he had the backing of the school’s board.

Our news centre also asked Principal Christian to respond to claims students were being barred from entering the school compound to sit the placement test due to what was deemed as inappropriate footwear.

Meanwhile, a parent who spoke with our news centre during our visit to the school says if parents did not pay an approximately $9,000 fee being charged by the school, their children could not sit the placement test.

In the meantime, Principal Christian says all the students who were turned away returned in what he deemed proper footwear and were able to sit the placement test.

Nero Christian, Principal of Angel’s Primary School.

But, a parent who spoke to our news center says Principal Christian’s claim is false.

She says her child missed today’s placement test after she was turned away for wearing a pair of sandals and did not return.

Parent of a grade two student at Angel’s Primary School.