With the State of Public Emergency in St. Catherine coming to an end, the police have listed eleven wanted men across the parish’s two divisions.

The St. Catherine South Police are seeking Marcus Mitchell, whose last known address is Pen Way, Passage Fort in Portmore.

He’s wanted in relation to the murder of Jermaine Litchmore, in 2020.

Marky Mitchell, otherwise called ‘ Puddie’ is also being sought in relation to the murder.

Police have also listed as wanted Jason Duncan, Barrington Campbell, Marlon Barnett and Neville Butler for various offences.

For the St. Catherine North Police Division, Rudolph Shaw, otherwise called ‘Boxer’, is wanted for Murder and Shooting with Intent.

Dean Norman, Shane Bartley and Junior Brown are also wanted by the police in relation to various murders.

Kevin Fletcher, otherwise called ‘Tippy’, of Victoria district in the parish, is wanted for Shooting with Intent.

The men are being encouraged to turn themselves in.

Persons with information that can assist the police are encouraged to contact the police.