Neika Lewis reports.

Relatives of the St James man whose body was found under a bridge after being admitted to the Cornwall Regional Hospital for dengue fever are blaming the public health facility for his death.

Acccording to the family members, nurses told them they didn’t know where the patient was.

Raymond Deans’ body was fetched from water under a bridge in Montego Bay a day after his loved ones say he was admitted at the Cornwall Regional Hospital in the parish.

His widow, Winsome Deans, says neighbours were the first to tell her of her husband’s passing but it wasn’t until the next day that the hospital contacted her to apologize and address the matter.

Fifty-year-old, farmworker Raymond Deans otherwise called D was considered a strong and hearty man until he complained of feeling ill last Friday and was taken to hospital.

After doing prescribed blood tests he was reportedly admitted for dengue at the Cornwall Regional Hospital on Saturday.

But, by the next day, he was dead-under a bridge, miles away from the hospital.

His widow, Winsome Deans, says hospital staff didn’t know where her husband was when she went to ascertain his whereabouts.

The grieving widow says she was told that her husband told another patient that he was going to prepare a meal and return.

Relatives say they were told he wandered off the hospital compound, but they say that’s hard to believe.

Lavancia Mitchell is Mr Deans’ sister.

Mrs. Deans says the hospital is to be blamed for her late husband’s death.

The family says the hospital has informed them that an investigation has been launched into the incident.

Meantime, Regional Director of the Western Regional Health Authority, Errol Green, says the incident relating the Cornwall Regional Hospital patient’s death is unfortunate.

He says he only returned to work yesterday.

But he says an investigation is underway to ensure all was done to mitigate against this and any future incidents.

He says once the reports are ready in relation to the investigation to see if all protocols were followed he’ll be in a better position to respond to the incident.

And he says they are ramping up vector control measures in coming days to tackle the vector-borne dengue virus in the region.