Millions of dollars worth of condemned goods were confiscated yesterday after it was discovered that some wholesalers were trying to wash and resell contaminated goods.

The revelation was made today by the Chief Public Health Inspector for St. James, Lennox Wallace.

Mr. Wallace says two wholesalers have been arrested and will face the courts next week for selling food unfit for human consumption.

Mr. Wallace says a number of food items in the parish where condemned after heavy flooding last November. But he says it was discovered that at least two wholesalers where trying to clean the contaminated goods for resale.

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He says these goods included canned goods, fruits and vegetables and meat like salt fish. He says the St. James Public Health Department confiscated millions of dollars worth of the condemned food items yesterday.

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Mr. Wallace says one of the warehouses was also found to be beside a broken sewage line. He says the operators of the wholesales will face the courts next week.

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