The St. James Municipal Corporation yesterday began debate on a resolution which calls for the suspension of Councilor for the Granville Division and former Deputy Mayor of Montego Bay, the PNP’s, Michael Troupe.

The resolution proposes to suspend Mr. Troupe from the Corporation for a time to be decided by the Corporation.

The resolution was moved by Councilor for the Montego Bay West Division, the JLP’s David Brown.

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Mr. Troupe has had run-ins with the law.

However, he’s been freed of a number of criminal charges which he has faced over the past few years. But, Troupe again found himself in trouble with the St. James Municipal Corporation recently.

This after a document emerged which raised questions about whether he approved payment of a sum of money to his former secretary for work purportedly done up until October 31 last year.

Mr. Troupe’s name and a signature appeared on the document.

Before the document came to public attention, Troupe was quoted in the print media as saying his former secretary had stopped working for him, effective the first week of that month.

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