President of the Micro, Small, and Medium Size Enterprise, MSME Alliance, Donovan Wignall says courier services can expect an increase in business following the increase in the duty free threshold on personal items from US $50 to 100.

The measure which was announced last November, took effect on April 1.

This means people who shop online and import items through courier agencies will be able to purchase items valued at US $100 without being charged custom fees.

Mr. Wignall says the increase is widely embraced.

Mr. Wignall adds that the increase in duty free threshold may give rise to competition for local manufacturers.

Donovan Wignall, President of the MSME Alliance.

Meanwhile, Managing Director at Jamaica Trading Services Limited, Mitzie Gordon Burke-Green, says ocean cargo and air freight customers are hailing the increase of the duty-free threshold.

The threshold for Jamaicans returning at the airport with goods bought overseas has moved to 1-thousand US dollars up from 5-hundred.

Mitzie Gordon Burke-Green, Managing Director at Jamaica Trading Services Limited.