Head of the Corporate Communications Unit, CCU, of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, Superintendent Steve Brown, has confirmed that two Constables attached to the Denham Town police station are to be hit with criminal charges relating to a case of attempted robbery and abduction.

The two policemen were taken into custody last night.

Superintendent Brown told our news center this morning that the lawmen will be charged before the end of the day.

Reports are that the Constables ordered a motorist to stop as he drove on Spanish Town Road near downtown Kingston last evening.

The vehicle was searched and the lawmen reportedly found a large sum of cash inside.

They reportedly seized the cash, handcuffed the motorist then placed him in the back of their service vehicle, before driving away.

While driving on the Spanish Town Road, the man reportedly jumped out of the police car and into the path of another police unit which was passing.

The two Constables are then alleged to have sped off.

The man is understood to have quickly explained his plight to the other police personnel who radioed for support.

The vehicle with the two Constables was later intercepted in the vicinity of Prince of Wales Street in Denham Town.

They allegedly tried to escape in another motorcar but were arrested.

They were reportedly positively identified by the motorist.