Justice Minister Delroy Chuck is at this hour meeting with Chief Justice Zaila McCalla, after employees of the Supreme Court’s divorce registry department went on strike this morning.

The employees are reportedly protesting comments made by Minister Chuck on Friday, that the department has been corrupted.

He says he has evidence that several divorce documents were fraudulently signed using the names of judges who don’t exist. But the employees reportedly say he’s bringing their integrity into disrepute.

They’ve reportedly turned off the light at the offices and refuse to work.

Speaking with our news centre this morning, Minister Chuck says he has a “thick file” of fraudulent divorce documents.

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However, he says he’s not sure if the practice is coming from inside the court system.

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On Friday, Head of CTOC, Assistant Commissioner of Police Fitz Bailey, confirmed they’re investigating the matter.

Meanwhile, the staff of the divorce registry at the Supreme Court is demanding an apology from Justice Minister, Delroy Chuck.

Speaking with our news centre a short while ago, President of the Bar Association, Jacquline Cummings, says the staff is upset because there’s no evidence they’re involved in corruption.

She says the forgery that Mr. Chuck refers to was discovered by the staff. She adds that the staff is refuting claims that employees were fired last year. She says one employee was fired ‘years ago’ for using their office to expedite a legal divorce. That person was charged for corruption in a public office.

Meanwhile, most of the cases set for today in the civil court are being adjourned. It’s understood staffers aren’t attending to the public.