Telecommunications company, Caricel’s move to prevent the government from revoking its license has received a major blow.

Supreme Court Judge, Leighton Pusey, this afternoon rejected the company’s application for leave to head to the Judicial Review Court to block the revocation.

Justice Pusey says the Court does not believe that Caricel “has a realistic prospect of success at the Judicial Review Court”.

The Court also refused Caricel’s application to halt the revocation process being pursued by the Spectrum Management Authority, the SMA and the Office of Utilities Regulations, OUR.

Justice Pusey commented in his written judgement that “the Court would find it difficult to grant a stay of the investigative process of a regulatory agency”.

One of Caricel’s attorneys is Bert Samuels.

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Justice Pusey also described Caricel’s court action as premature.

Mr. Samuels says the effect of the judgement is that there’s currently nothing which prevents the government agencies from proceeding with their investigation into allegations surrounding Caricel.

The investigative stage is among the first steps in the process of revocation.

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Mr. Samuels says Caricel’s attorney who advanced arguments in court, Douglas Leys, has indicated that an appeal of today’s judgement will be filed.

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The US Government has also raised concerns about the issuance of the license.

US officials have reportedly provided ‘hard evidence’ to the Jamaican government which would make Caricel unfit to own and operate a spectrums license.

It’s understood that this has prompted the Jamaican government to take steps to revoke the license.

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