The Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association, JHTA, says over 98 percent of its membership surveyed supports a vaccination mandate for the tourism sector.

In a statement this morning the JHTA says the survey suggests that all new employees recruited by tourism entities should be fully vaccinated.

JHTA President, Clifton Reader, says the majority of his membership responded ‘definitely’ when asked if they would support a Government mandate for their staff to be vaccinated.

However, a small percentage was concerned about medical exemptions but agreed that once these were sensitively handled they would be in agreement too.

Mr. Reader said that it will be foolhardy to ignore the worldwide trend with the mandates being applied across major tourism markets and requirements for full vaccination to cross several borders.

He says already, Jamaica’s travel partners and guests are enquiring about the vaccination status of properties before making their reservations.

The JHTA President says there needs to be a plan for what’s clearly inevitable.