A suspect has been taken into custody in connection with the murder of a man during a robbery on Richmond main road in Christiana, Manchester last evening.

Dead is 38-year-old Romeo Fuller, of Sedburgh district in Christiana in the parish.

Reports from the Christiana Police are, about 8:30 last evening, Fuller was driving a taxi with four passengers on board.

The Police say two of the passengers then proceeded to rob the driver and the other occupants of the vehicle.

During the robbery shots were fired and Fuller and one of the robbers were shot.

A video being circulated on social media shows civilians lifting one of the wounded men into the back of van. Another was unconscious beside the taxi that had crashed.

The Police say they were taken to hospital where Fuller died while being treated.

The suspected robber was identified at the facility and subsequently arrested. The other occupants of the taxi escaped unhurt.

The suspect’s identity is being withheld pending further investigations.

Meanwhile, the Police are investigating the death of a 60-year-old higgler Patricia Harriott in Clarendon yesterday afternoon.

Harriot who is from Cornpiece in Hayes was shot and killed by an unknown assailant at the intersection of Main Street and Brooks Avenue in the parish.

Reports from the May Pen Police are, about 5:20 yesterday afternoon, Harriott was sitting at her stall when she was pounced upon by a man armed with a gun who shot her several times before escaping.
No motive has not yet been established for her killing.