The main suspect in the brutal murders of a mother and her four children, Roshane Barnett, was apprehended last night as he was preparing to flee Trelawny.

It’s understood detectives took Barnett into custody last night at his parents house in the parish.

Head of the JCF’s Corporate Communications Unit, Stephanie Lindsay, gave the update this morning.

30 year old Kimesha Wright and her four children were found brutally murdered inside their home yesterday morning.

Barnett was named shortly after as a person of interest.

The police say they’re not currently focused on any other suspects or persons of interest in the matter.

It’s understood a question and answer session is to be arranged today with Barnett in the presence of his attorneys.

SSP Lindsay says the session will determine whether there’s any further developments in the matter.

SSP Stephanie Lindsay, Head of the CCU.

She was speaking on Nationwide This Morning with Ricardo Brooks and Tauna Thomas.