The Police have launched a high level investigation into the circumstances in which three men charged with serious crimes, including murder, cut their way through several steel grills at the Spanish Town lock up.

21-year-old Andre Knight, 25-year-old Zenas Gemison and Rushane Fredrick are this afternoon on the run after escaping about 11:00 last night.

Another man, Kevin Johnson, who reportedly participated in the jail break, was recaptured this morning.

Commanding Officer in charge of the Spanish Town Police, Senior Superintendent, Anthony Castelle, is an angry man.

SSP Castelle says meetings are being held, and a number of police officers, including five who were on duty at the time of the escape, are under scrutiny.

One of the escapees, Andre Knight is accused of murder and conspiracy to murder in connection with last year’s savage killing of Trinidadian national, Keron Fraser and his female companion, Tanashae Bennett.

Fraser and Bennett disappeared in October, days after he arrived in Jamaica. They were later found decomposed in two shallow graves. Bennett was strangled.

Knight was arrested after he was intercepted driving a motor which was rented by Fraser and contained the blood of the dead Trinidadian national.

SSP Castelle says he’s perturbed as he’s aware the men who’ve escaped and are still at large, are accused of serious crimes.

SSP Castelle is asking any member of the public who may be aware of the whereabouts of Knight, Gemison and Fredrick to immediately call 119.

The commanding officer says a high level investigation is now underway into the escape.