Former Minister of Youth Lisa Hanna is this afternoon painting a picture of systemic problems as it relates to the relationship between the Office of the Children’s Registry, OCR, and the Child Development Agency, CDA.

She says the problems relate to poor communication, limited staffing and the territorial ambitions of each agency.

The spotlight is now on the agencies funded by the state to ensure the protection of the nation’s children including the OCR and the CDA following reports by Nationwide News since yesterday.

Ms. Hanna says on coming to office in 2011, she discovered that the agencies were not speaking with each other.

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Ms. Hanna says she took several steps to improve the operations of the CDA.

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The former Youth Minister says she’d intended to merge the OCR and the CDA.

She’s hoping the current administration will ensure this is done.

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A serious lack of resources is hampering the ability of state agencies dealing with children’s protection and welfare to conduct effective investigations into allegations of abuse.

That’s according to the Convener of Hear the Children’s Cry, Betty Ann Blaine.

Mrs Blaine says she’s convinced the leadership of these agencies mean well. But they’re working with inadequate resources.

She says this has resulted in cases not being properly investigated.

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Commenting on the synergies between the agencies, particularly the OCR and the CDA, Mrs. Blaine says there are clear gaps in the system.

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Meanwhile, Mrs. Blaine says merging the entities may not be the solution.

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